(Beta) Technology-driven early learning in sports programs

Technology in the early learning sports classroom


Technology makes life easier.  In our case, it helps us overcome the dramatic effects of immaturity that is innate within all young children.  As a result, we can more easily: 

  • Get early learners moving
  • Entertain them
  • Translate complex sports processes
  • Track how hard early learners work
  • Share our experiences
Immaturity has a dramatic effect on sports participation.
— American Academy of Pediatrics
JoJo Jelly Bean

JoJo Jelly Bean


Technology and advanced technology classroom applications


Coach Performances

Arguably, the #1 technology for overcoming the dramatic effects immaturity has on sports participation is a great coach performance. Our coaches teach the Jelly Bean Way, our proprietary entertainment-based instructional approach.  It relies heavily upon structured humor to focus children and make learning fun.  

A non-competitive sports philosophy, the Jelly Bean Way accounts for young children and provides them the opportunity to naturally progress through the three early learning stages of sport:

  1. Exploration
  2. Familiarization
  3. Collaboration

Designed with early learners in mind, our coaches deliver a fun and holistically sound instructional performance that teaches young children:  

  • Letters, numbers and colors
  • Listening skills and how to follow directions
  • Communication and critical thinking skills
  • Motor skills and sports skills




Along with great coaching performances, learning aids are another important component of what we do.  Considering their limited use in sports today, these simple learning aids are actually kid-technologies that make teaching early learners easier.

A Jelly Bean Soccer Prep class explores different sports movements using bubbles as a learning aid 

A Jelly Bean Soccer Prep class explores different sports movements using bubbles as a learning aid 

Focus is important in sport and life. According to Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making,  it is one of the essential life skills we must promote in our children today in order for them to succeed tomorrow. 

Kid-technologies make learning fun as they counter the dramatic effects immaturity has on sports participation.   

They also dramatically improve early learners' focus and help us accomplish our mission to keep sports simple.  A few of these kid-technologies are pictured below.


Wearables Devices



The language of physical education is...movement.  Our integration of Moveband® wearable advanced technology into the early learning classroom is a sports first.  Jelly Bean parents enjoy the opportunity to push a few buttons at the end of class and quantify how hard their early learners worked.  Early learners:  

Wearable Devices

Wearable Devices

  • Enjoy choosing a brightly colored wearable each class
  • Practice wearing and exploring them
  • Learn the language that measures (miles/steps) physical activity
  • Share the experience with other children wearing them


Our integration of multimedia into the early learning sports classroom is another sports first.  Our original 3-step sports instructional graphics brought our new sports language to life.  Now our instructional graphics have been brought to life through our own original animation.  It has been said, pictures say a thousand words and video says a million.    

As the first technology-driven early learning in sports program, our use of animation, with the help of Apple's I-Pad Pro®, bridges the gap between children's immaturity and sport.  We extend early learners' focus by entertaining as we educate them.

Along with our new, more kid-friendly sports language, we have revolutionized sports to better accommodate early learners.  See an example below:


The magic embedded in everything we do is using sport as a medium to:


  • Develop stronger bonds between parent and child.  
  • Teach them to speak the same sports language.  
  • Celebrate small wins together.  
  • And enjoy the fun of shared learning experiences.

This is the Jelly Bean Way.  


Jelly Bean Sports Team

Jelly Bean Sports Team

Every child receives a FREE Jelly Bean T-Shirt

Every child receives a FREE Jelly Bean T-Shirt