Jelly Bean Sports is the next Sesame Street
— Gerald Molen, Executive Producer of Jurassic Park
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Teaching young children sports in the ways they learn best is a new concept
— Mrs. Pickles, Chief Fun Officer at Jelly Bean Sports
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Founder, Dr. Brad Kayden a.k.a. Coach Pickles and the Jelly Bean Sports team

Founder, Dr. Brad Kayden a.k.a. Coach Pickles and the Jelly Bean Sports team

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What makes us the best?

Over 25 sporty cartoon characters help us bring sports to life and to teach young children in the ways they learn best.

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Stories show young children exactly how skills are supposed to work.

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3-Step Instruction 

Our teaching formula keeps sports basic. 

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Video-based learning

Video-based learning compliments young children's love of technology and new age way of learning. 

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Training Aids

Training aids provide novelty and contrast to children's introductory sports experiences; keep sports simple and make learning fun.  

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Where many fail, we succeed because we incorporate parents into young children's sports experience.  Parents are our extra pair of hands helping us to do things a coach, alone, could never do.  

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Keeping 'em Moving

Colorful tracking devices are worn to track how hard a child works and provides parents a quantifiable way to judge the results of our programs.

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Color and Contrast

Each child participant receives a FREE Jelly Bean tee.


Fall 2017 Program schedule


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Jelly Bean Sports Prep Programming

Baseball Prep, Soccer Prep, Basketball Prep and Football Prep.

Our research-based teaching philosophies, coaching practices and digital sports content serve as benchmarks for excellence in early learning in sports.
— Dr. Brad Kayden a.k.a. Coach Pickles, Founder
Coach Pickles
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Jelly Bean Baseball Prep

Baseball is kept simple and learning made fun as we bring the fun of the sport to life for ages 2-7.  

Learning how to field, hit and throw are ordinary teachings but done the Jelly Bean Way they skills learned from teachings that are extraordinary.  

Children learn to throw but use their coach as the target.  They learn to field but using rings.  They learn to hit off of cool air tees and with noodles.

Your child will love it.

T-ball Prep Baby Dills (18 - 29 months), Beanies (2-3 years), Sportsters (4-5 years)

Baseball Clinic Super Sportsters (6-7 years)

Keeping baseball simple, making learning fun
— JoJo Jelly Bean
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Jelly Bean Soccer Prep

Soccer is kept simple and learning made fun as we bring the sport of soccer to life for children ages 18 months to 7 years.

A great introductory sport for young children, soccer offers high-levels of activity and much needed novelty and contrast for children to learn effectively.  

Dribbling passing and shooting are taught the Jelly Bean Way.  Using a fun new sports language, training aids and cartoon videos, young children's motivations and imaginations are stimulated.  

Your child will love it.

Soccer Prep Baby Dills (18 - 29 months), Beanies (2 -3 years) Sportsters (4 -5 years)

50/50 Soccer Clinic Super Sportsters (6 - 7 years)

Keeping soccer simple, making learning fun
— Flo Jelly Bean
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Jelly Bean Basketball Prep

A treasure trove of fun and imagination, we teach basketball the Jelly Bean Way.  It is kept simple and learning made fun for young children.

We've revolutionized how the game of basketball is interpreted.  Using our new sports language and cool training aids, we overcome the many physical challenges kids too often experience. The difficult tasks of coordinating and sequencing complex basketball movements has been eliminated.  We break down skills and show them proper technique using fun references that get them performing in ways that could never before be imagined. 

While dribbling, passing, shooting and defense are taught, it is ball security that is the #1 emphasis.  If kids do not learn to protect the basketball, none of the other skills will matter.

Basketball Prep Baby Dills (18 - 29 months), Beanies (2 -3 years), Sportsters (4 -5 years)

50/50 Basketball Clinic (6 - 7 years)

Keeping basketball simple, making learning fun
— Jimbo Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean Football Prep

It is an exploration of football like no other.  Teachings are kept simple and learning made fun as kids remain active and find their way through obstacle courses and over barriers designed to challenge and entertain them.  

Football is a game of many rules and strategies and so teaching it to young children requires some ingenuity.  We have broken the game down into easy to learn chunks that take young children's limitations into consideration.  

Carry, passing, and throwing are taught as our fun cartoon characters teach them the language and techniques for mastering the basic skills.  

Football Prep Baby Dills (18 - 29 months) Beanies (2 -3 years) Sportsters ( 4-5 years) Super Sportsters (6 -7 years)

Keeping football simple, making learning fun
— Mo Jelly Bean

I'm just trying to find my way...

We are Early Learning in Sports 

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Jelly Bean Sports Team

Jelly Bean Sports Team