As the foremost subject matter experts, our teaching philosophies, coaching practices and digital sports content serve as benchmarks for excellence in early learning in sports, and to supplement the broader natural order of sports.
— Dr. Brad Kayden a.k.a. Coach Pickles, Founder
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The magic of Jelly Bean Sports is to teach parents and early learners through live classroom experiences and online digital content to speak the same sports language, celebrate small wins together and enjoy the fun of shared learning experiences. This is the Jelly Bean Way!
— Kristina Kayden a.k.a. Mrs. Pickles, Co-Founder
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Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
— Albert Einstein
Polka dots on the toes of Coach Pickles shoes bring the sporty jelly beans to life.  

Polka dots on the toes of Coach Pickles shoes bring the sporty jelly beans to life.  

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Did you know?

Jelly Bean Sports is a production company that creates preschool content for children ages 0-5.


Early Learning Baseball Content

“It’s baseball made simple, learning made fun
— JoJo Jelly Bean

Jo Jo Jelly Bean - Jelly Bean Baseball Prep

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Early Learning Soccer Content

It’s soccer made simple, learning made fun
— Flo Jelly Bean
Flo Jelly Bean - Jelly Bean Soccer Prep

Flo Jelly Bean - Jelly Bean Soccer Prep

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Early Learning Basketball Content

It’s basketball made simple, learning made fun
Jimbo Jelly Bean - Jelly Bean Basketball Prep

Jimbo Jelly Bean - Jelly Bean Basketball Prep

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Early Learning Football Content

It’s football made simple learning made fun
— Mo Jelly Bean
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live instructional programming

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The problem 

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Sports research is what guides the sports practices of athletic development and coaching.  The problem is there has been lack of sports research on early learners' development and proper early learning coaching practice.  

The void has led to guessing how sports for young children work.  This has become "the way."  It has led to less than appropriate and in some cases inappropriate teaching practices that can put early learners at risk. 


the jelly bean way

Parachute fun

Today, getting early learners started right in sports no longer has to be a guessing game.  At Jelly Bean Sports, we have spent over a decade in research and practice working exclusively with early learners in sports.  As subject-matter experts in our field, today our philosophies and practices serve as benchmarks of excellence for early learning in sports.


The American Academy of Pediatrics has found immaturity to have a dramatic effect on children's sports participation.  Our development of the first non-competitive early learning model in sports science has helped us to bridge the "immaturity gap" that often distinguishes between how we, as adults, and young children think about sports.   


the model

Early Learning Model - Jelly Bean Sports

Early Learning Model - Jelly Bean Sports


Keep sports simple and making learning fun

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changing "tradition"

At Jelly Bean Sports, we have done something many before us were unwilling to do.  We have sacrificed the idea of impressing parents with our knowledge and expertise of long standing sports traditions. Instead, we have better imagined sports and in doing so demonstrated to them how easy it can be to effectively engage, teach and win over the hearts and minds of young children.  

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By seeing sports more through a child's eyes, we have been able to visualize new ways of development that more effectively work for the unique ways early learners think.  


Instead of trying to conform young children to fit sports, we found it easier to rather conform sports to better fit young children.

We embrace young children's natural immaturity.  Instead of it being a liability, it is seen as a tool for imagining sports differently and exploring them in simple and fun ways children love. 

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Not your ordinary sports class

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