Coming 2017! 

Coming 2017! 


(Beta) technology-driven early learning in sports programs.

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The mission to bring early learning in sports to the world through technology becomes real in 2017.  

An iPhone 7's iOS operating system makes it possible to connect our GoPro cameras to the Periscope app.

With the merging of this technology, grandma, grandpa, friends and other family can download the Periscope app onto their smart phone.  Within minutes they will be in the middle of the action as Coach Pickles brings sports to life for early learners, the Jelly Bean Way.  


Also new in 2017...  

Jelly Bean Sports' 3-step passing instructional sequence

Jelly Bean Sports' 3-step passing instructional sequence


Our jelly bean characters are brought to life.  We make the transition from showing children instructional graphics to introducing our own original animation into the early learning sports classroom.  It enables us to offer an introductory sports experience second to none.  


The advanced technology of the iPad Pro will be helping us make the transition into animation.  

Its ability to display our animated multimedia breathes further life into our technology-driven approach.  

Take a minute to watch a sample of our animation below.      


Technology helps us to keep sports simple and make learning fun.  


But what does sports made simple, learning made fun look like for the early learner?  Try to find bigger smiles than the ones below.


Jelly Bean Baseball Prep

Jo Jo Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean Basketball Prep

Jimbo Jelly Bean

Jimbo Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean Soccer Prep

Flo Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean Football Prep

Mo Jelly Bean

Mo Jelly Bean


Since 2006, we have been introducing families

with young children to sport. 


What does the early learning sports experience look like, you ask?

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