Navigating Sports “Outer” Space

In the case of early learning sports development, it has long been excluded and widely discounted from sports process. It has lied outside the boundaries of thinking surrounding sports’ athletic talent development process. Accordingly, it has needed to become a more integrated part of sports’ process to help fill in the gaps in thinking that have and still to this day exist.

Early learning sports development is sports “outer” space. Without a designated place in sports process for its non-competitive theories and philosophies, a five year gap exists at the origins of sport. This makes sports process, as it is currently known to be incomplete, less a process and more a phenomenon. Without complete understanding, there becomes a lack of order, continuity and understanding for how sports process is integrated and how it universally works.

Jelly Bean Sports practice navigating sports’ outer space has led to some very intriguing discoveries.

Without a place, there has been a gap, part of the boundary that has created turbulence in thinking. As parents of young children, we have been left with unanswered questions like, “how young is too young for sports?” and “When is the right time to introduce my children to sports?”

Essentially, there has been little known about how the introductory phases of sports work. Coaching at the introductory levels, has been mediocre at best. How do you start succeeding against the Goliath. Figure out a problem the Goliath is not managing well and create a solution.