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Looking for early learning sports classes?

Parachute fun

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There was how your dad introduced you to sports.  And today...there is the Jelly Bean Way.  

Sports are kept simple and learning made fun.  Instead of a sports lesson, early learners are entertained.  They rarely ever realize they are also learning.

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Coach and kid seated on a parachute

Our amazing Coach Performers, they are the magic behind what makes us the best in the market at teaching early learners sports.   


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Did you know?  Jelly Bean Sports is also a production company that creates preschool content for children ages 0-5.

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Have you met Coach Pickles?

Called the next Sesame Street, Coach Pickles' Jelly Bean Sports' was created by Co-Founder and Executive Producer Dr. Brad Kayden a.k.a. Coach Pickles.

Since 2006, Coach Pickles has worked with 1000's of early learners across Chicagoland.  His commitment to improving the introductory phases of sports has begun to raise parents' expectations for how early learning in sports is supposed to look.  

Behind the scenes, it has been his early learning research, the first in sports science, that has put early learning in sports on the scientific map.  Developer of the first early learning model in sports research, his Jelly Bean Way approach has become the benchmark for how early learning in sports should be done.  

Meet Coach Speedy

Jelly Bean Sports' newest Coach Performer!

Not your ordinary sports class