our story



He wears polka dots on the toes of his shoes.  He wears polka dots on the toes of his shoes.  Red-treaded soles, green uppers that glow, his sneakers have a feature that everybody knows.  They come with polka dots on the toes of his shoes.  He wears polka dots on the toes of his shoes!  

Where does one find lime-colored shoes so sublime?  Maybe they were something a gypsy left behind?  Perhaps they were something Santa's elves had designed?  Whatever the case may be, no cobbler could have seen, what the affect over four sporty, otherwise ordinary, jellybeans could have been.

The shoes, they are green, and come with polka dots, polka dots on the toes.  He has polka dots on the toes of his shoes!  

...And so the legend began four jelly beans and one curly-haired man.  After they named him, he became high in demand. Coach Pickles he became, a name jellybeans brought to fame.  They continually return to him to learn sports, have fun and play games. 


But what was the thrill of naming him after a dill?  Why not a carrot, an apple or even a platypus' bill?  Well if a carrot is orange, and an apple is red, and a platypus' bill is brown then these things are not the color of the shoes the jellybeans had seen. 

Do you remember what color Coach Pickles’ shoes were?  That’s right, they were GREEN!  And by now you should know what was on the toes of the shoes.  Did you remember...POLKA DOTS?  If you did, good job, you have already learned a lot!

Coach Pickles has curly-hair and he wears green shoes with polka dots.  He wears polka dots on the toes of his shoes! He wears polka dots on the toes of his shoes! 

By now you may be wondering, who are the four jelly beans?  They are colorful treats with hard candy coatings and jelly centers so sweet.  Fun, sporty, and neat, they are no ordinary Easter Basket treats.  Small and petite, these jelly beans come complete with one nose, and two arms, two hands, and two feet.  Alive and ready to play, no matter the sport, no matter the day.  If you want to know their names, here is how they go!  Last name Jelly Bean, first names:


This is Coach Pickles’ Jelly Bean team.  They really are quite supreme.  Before this story has to end and it is time for to leave, you may be asking yourself a couple questions.  How do jelly beans come alive?  How do jelly beans breathe?  These are very good questions, ones that have very good answers and ones you can believe. 

Just like Cinderella and Dorothy, it is a special pair of shoes that make this story so divine.  Coach Pickles' shoes are one of a kind, however, they are not made of glass or a fancy ruby design. 

The shoes, unlike Cinderella’s, are made for a “fella;” a magical pair found in a shoebox somewhere.  They are not sought out by a royal prince, wicked witch or rusty tin man but instead by sweet little treats you can hold in the palm of your hand.  And what is the magical affect of Coach Pickles shoes.  See for yourself and you too will understand.  See you in class!