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Our programs represent an introductory sports process that has been completely reimagined and remastered.  This includes all the way down to the role of coaching.  Our Jelly Bean Way, the philosophy behind what we do and how we do it, is being executed nearly everyday by our very own Coach Performers.  

Hand-selected, Coach Performer endure a vigorous and demanding selection and training process.  It might seem a bit overdone considering we are just working with young children, many of which have no sports experiences yet.  But this has been too long the thinking and the reason why the quality of coaching at the early learning levels is often poor.  

We see early learning to be the most important part of the sports process.  It is the first introductions that can often make the difference between a child becoming enthusiastic about sports or being turned off.  As we see it, the more a child can learn and grow at sports with us, the easier it will be for them to progress through sports.  This ease and comfort for sports often begins with the coach. 

At Jelly Bean Sports, the way that we see it is we are an extension of your family, and as family, only the best in coaching will do.   


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Jelly Bean Sports' Coach Performers represent the best early learning sports development has to offer.  Our Coach Performer training program and program model, in general, is an industry benchmark. Through research, we have mastered how to efficiently and effectively select talent, train them on the culture of early learning, and educate them on how to sustain a positive attitude while working within early learning sports development programs.  

As Coach Performers, we accept the high challenge of working with early learners.  We have been artfully trained and prepared to handle the rigors of uncertainty that invariably will come from our work with young children.  Active learning specialists, we understand the outcomes of our work to be as simple as saying, "I make kids coachable," and as complex as  it takes to make that possible.  use the many training aids and other tools we carry (i.e. music, wearable devices, jerseys, whistle) to build a depth into our programs that children find intrinsically appealing.  

We earn children's respect early by doing the little things that make a big difference like remember their names and using them often, engaging them one-on-one before the class starts, giving them choices like choosing their color of wearable watch device and jerseys.  Children love choices.  It engages deeper parts of their minds and by asking many questions, we give them many opportunities to choose in our classes and accordingly continue engaging them on deeper and deeper levels.


  Equipped with proven behavior management strategies that make our work with early learners appear effortless.  In the end, it is not coaching as much as it is a style and grace for working with children that is the product of the performances we give.

Prepare to be entertained but also learn how to translate complex sports process into simple and fun terms young minds will quickly grasp.     

  use the recreational space is our stage.  We view families as our audience and we, the Coaches, are the performers.  Hence why we are named Coach Performers.  

Every class is a performance that we put on for a paying audience.  We aim for smiles, laughter, fun and to embarrass ourselves quite often.  We leave our own personal baggage at the front door and aim to bring our best inside our performance every time.  There is a lot to manage because we come to not just entertain but to .  Artfully we practice our craft of sports teachings with a level of energy   never before like a performance to give an early learning sports experience like no other.  

Our Next-Gen early learning programs teach your young child sports in the ways he or she learns best.

Breaking from the tradition, the Jelly Bean Way's model of success is based less on sports and more on entertainment.  


The formula is pretty simple,