Our Learning Philosophy

Our early learning in sport developmental framework uses active and play-based learning theory.  Using high-energy coach performances utilize humor and physical comedy and do more than just tell early learners where to go and what to do.  Children are engaged as they are entertained.   

Our use of miniaturized (i.e. age-appropriate) sports equipment levels the playing field and brings sport down to early learners' level.

Classes are designed to help children progress through the three basic stages of early learning in sport development:

  • Exploration
  • Familiarization
  • Collaboration   

Our use of training aids help extend children's attention, building confidence, keep sports simple and make learning fun.  Our ability to integrate learning into children's play keeps sports simple and makes learning fun.  

Children will work with: 

  • bubbles
  • noodles
  • cones
  • dots
  • rings
  • parachutes