Our mission

We are an early learning in sports instruction, production and research company.  

AS AN INSTRUCTIONAL COMPANY, we teach early learning sports programming to children ages 18 months to 7 years old.  The magic embedded inside everything we do is to use sports as a medium to build stronger bonds between parent and child.   We teach parents and children to speak the same sports language, celebrate small wins together and enjoy the fun of shared learning experiences.  This is the Jelly Bean Way.

AS A PRODUCTION COMPANY, we create important entertainment and educational sports content. The aim is to keep sports simple and make learning fun.  Our work bridges the gaps in young children's thinking.  We have created an entirely new sports language and through the use of animated characters, music and strong preschool and early elementary-aged storylines, we also aim translate complex sports concepts in highly interactive, educational and entertaining ways early learners will love.

AS A RESEARCH COMPANY, we are the foremost subject matter experts on the topic of early learning in sports.  The first to study early learning in sports and publish in research, we aim to continue being the front runners in producing scientific evidence that supports better public knowledge for early learning in sports.  As creators of the first early learning model in sports research, we encourage and welcome participation in further studies that will help to better connect all phases of sport; and further support the idea of a natural order of sport (early learner to elite) existence.